Monday, November 30, 2009


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Test cookies tonight, it should be a good day!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Get Your Holiday Orders In!

Here's a menu of cookies available to order now! The more you buy, the more you save. We don't have set prices right now, but it's about $10 dozen, and chances are we'll cut you a pretty sweet deal!

-The Pascal: The most perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie you've ever had. So what's so special about a Chocolate Chip Cookie? Our cookie has triple chocolate chunks in them: White, Milk, and Dark. Did we mention this cookie is HUGE?

-The 39th Ave. Cookie: We have to give it up to Trader Joe's for this cookie, the inspiration was all them, and the surrounding area of course. We took the boring chocolate chip cookie, and gave it a face lift. Instead of chocolate chips, we add mini peanut butter cups (Thanks TJ's!), we use half flour, half ground up oatmeal, and add a slight dash of Cinnamon to round it all out. Yeah, it's pretty much the best cookie ever... and also why we had to give it it's own name, cause that description is a mouth full

-Chai Oatmeal Cookies: This is the cookie that started it all! A chewy oatmeal cookie, a little sweet, and a lot of spice, this cookie is good in the morning with a cup of coffee...or a hot cup of Chai perhaps?

-Chai Sugar Cookies, with a Chai Glaze: Don't worry, not every cookie has Chai Tea in it, but we couldn't resist using it again since it worked so well the first time. This cookie is sugar, and spice, and everything nice, for real.

-The Whopper-Doodle: Take the classic Snicker Doodle, add some ground up Whopper candy to the dough, roll it in ground up whopper candy, sugar, and cinnamon. Enjoy