Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quick update, and some thank you's!

Sorry we haven't updated much we've been a little busy lately, in the best possible way! Our Facebook page and fan page has really blown up quick thanks to all our friends who have have been supporting us. Apparently a good idea, plus a free social networking site is the best way to start up a business! So we've been busy, because we've been getting orders! After 1 week we have orders in for the next two weeks, and it's for over $150. Can't pay the rent with it yet, but we're working on it!

We have had a lot of cookie breakthroughs lately, and the response from people at our "real" jobs have been really positive, so it's encouraging, plus we have come to learn that we are addicted to our own cookies, and that's always a good sign!

I have to run of to said real job now, but before I do I really want to thank some people who have been helping us out. Our families, of course. They have been supportive since day one, and are probably our number one fans right now.

Our friend Rebecca Teran has been our #1 fan in Portland since the first batch of cookies we made. She's always there to give us an honest opinion, and thankfully, rides to Costco and Ikea for supplies (you can't do everything on bike!)

We have had friends who have donated equipment like a Kitchen Aid Mixer, and professional bake pans. Most of what we use to bake on and with, aside from ingredients, have been donated or given as birthday gifts by friends.

Our friend Dustin Dybevik had been gracious enough to be our graphic designer for not much more than cookies, but we promised to pimp his skills out, and soon you will see his work up on our Facebook, and someday website (check out his work now at

And last we want to thank every friend and family member who has been with us from the start since last February, and all our new friends and family who are learning about this, and supporting us for the first time. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our Facebook fan and friend page, people have been telling everyone they know about us, and it's been working! Thank you all so much for all your help, and remember, get your cookie orders in, cause our schedules filling up fast!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Dude

Today we perfected our white-russian teacake. Get this: it is a creamy spin on the classic teacake, with a hidden chocolate covered espresso bean in the middle... and then we dip it in a Kahlua glaze. It is unreal! The first taste tester was blown away and we cannot stop eating them. Looking forward to sharing them with all of you!! Pictures to come!

Facebook Part 2!

Now you can be our friend on facebook! Find us at:

It's the best place to keep up with what is going on, and you can message us your orders!