Thursday, March 25, 2010

new website

We have our updated website up and running! Head over to to check out our menu, complete with full size pictures. You will also find ordering details, as well as an order form for easy ordering!

Don't be fooled by the lack of updates, we are just so busy with all we are working on that we find ourselves with little time to blog! Check out our website to learn more about who we are and what we are doing. For the most up-to-date information add us as a friend on facebook or follow us on twitter @cookiepedalers

Thursday, March 11, 2010


First things first! We have perfected our vegan cookie, and it's a hit with vegans...and everyone else! They are a play on the "Samoa" Girl Scout cookie. We take a shortbread cookie and top it with a sweet curry-coconut carmel sauce. If you like curry, and you like coconut this cookie is for you. We then top the cookie with a 72% dark chocolate infused with coconut oil, it creates a delicious chocolate sauce that will make your mouth water! We are so happy to finally have created a vegan cookie that meets our Cookie Pedaler approval, and we think it's another creative hit. Thanks to everyone who's been helping us create this cookie along the way, we love out vegan friends!

Oh, and the name you ask? We've decided to call it "The Boom King." It's a pop-culture reference, can you figure it out without googling it?
This cookie, like The Pascal, is $15 for a dozen, but we believe it's well worth it, and we hope you do too!

We are also very excited to be honored as a Portland Pick this month. Visit and subscribe to their site. Every Friday they post 5-10 cool things in Portland, and in the next few weeks, one of them is going to be us! we can't wait!

We are really excited that Jeff Bridges finally won an Oscar! So excited that we put "The Dude" on special till the end of this week. Instead of 15 cookies for $10, we're giving you 20 White Russian Tea Cookies; infused with cream, hiding a chocolate covered espresso bean, and covered in a Kahlua espresso glaze, this cookie isn't to be missed!

And in case you somehow missed it, we're on twitter now. Follow us at We update there much more, and we include more pictures on there too.

Thats all for now!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blogging from a phone

So we have now entered the 21st century and got new phones that have internet, which means we can now do quick updates while doing other things like waiting in lines or waiting for that last batch of cookies to bake off...basically blogging, tweeting, and all other social networking just got a whole lot better. we still need an intern for doing dishes though, it's the one thing our phones don't do.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Show that special person you care with the gift of COOKIES!

In addition to our other cookies, we have created TWO Valentine's specials.

1: a Giant heart-shaped Pascal. We think these cookies are pretty giant normally, but this cookie is 2.5 pounds, over a pound of which is three kinds of chocolate: dark, milk and white. We will include a special handmade Valentine card AND throw in delivery all for only $25. This is no ordinary giant cookie - it is DELICIOUS! Soft on the inside, crunchy on the top. If you love our Pascals, you will love this cookie!

2: Our Chai Sugar cookie. A classic sugar cookie with the twist of Chai. Perfectly white cookie, beautiful pink icing - the chai spice throws in a delightful surprise as these look deceivingly like a traditional sugar cookie. Also includes a homemade Valentine card and delivery for $20!

Our cookies sure beat the standard flowers or candy, AND you are supporting a small local bike-based business. The perfect Portland Valentine! Plus, everyone LOVES cookies.

Get your orders in by FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12!
We will be delivering these specials to home, office, or wherever else, February 12-15 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday). Sunday, Valentine's Day, we ask all deliveries to be scheduled before 6pm.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

help us and win cookies!

Let's play the name game! We have two new cookies that both need names.

1: pumpkin, oatmeal, dark chocolate, ginger pieces.
2: VEGAN curry coconut macaroon dipped in dark chocolate.

Give us your suggestions. If we use yours, you win cookies!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

update and BEYOND

Sorry, guys. We keep meaning to be better at this whole blogging thing. We're not bloggers by nature, so it takes a little bit to get us here. We're not tweeters, either... but we like to blame our lack of internet phones for that one.
You'd be surprised at how low-tech we are (don't let our obsessive facebooking fool you). We are still pretty content with our hand written notebooks and wall of white boards for organization purposes.

Things are coming along pretty nicely here in CPland. We were able to make our second official Costco trip - this time totally funded by the sale of our cookies, which was an amazing feeling. We are now fully restocked, complete with new storage bins and a sweet shelving unit. Hopefully that will last the next month or so...It is incredible how fast 50 pounds of flour and 50 pounds of sugars go when baking at this level.

December was an awesome month for us. We really got the word out there and it boosted our confidence in the whole operation. We went "facebook public" at the beginning of December, and today we have over 430 friends and have received many orders from people we likely would not have reached otherwise. Social networking is working wonders for this small business!

Things we are looking forward to:

-> Our VEGAN macaroon. We are working on it today and will keep you posted with the results.

-> Our NEW cookie: pumpkin, oatmeal, dark chocolate and candied ginger. It really needs a name. And more ginger. But it is DELICIOUS.

-> Monday delivery to the SoupCycle crew to celebrate their 10,000th (!!!!) delivery. We had coffee with SoupMan Jed last month and walked away with some great ideas and a restored sense of purpose. We are thrilled they thought of us to mark this amazing milestone: we can only hope that some day we will get there too!

-> Cross promotion with local independent movie, Tandem Hearts: look for Cookie Pedalers to be out delivering cookies on a Tandem bicycle. We are even putting together a Tandem Hearts cookie: Stay tuned! For more on the movie check out

-> T-shirts. Yes! Some day soon not only will we be donning fabulous Cookie Pedalers shirts, you can be too!

-> VALENTINE'S DAY! We are putting together some amazing ideas for Valentine's deals. Check here or on our facebook around the 1st to see what we will offer this year. Remember, we take PayPal, which means we can charge your credit card and deliver to someone else (offices, stores, homes, parties - the options are pretty limit-less). Cookies make a great surprise any time, but especially as a Valentine - and we are no doubt far cheaper than sending flowers or chocolates! Tastier, too. It's a winning combo. PLUS, bicycle delivery! C'mon Portland, what more could you want??

There are about a million other things we are looking forward, but that is all I can think of off the top of my head. As you can imagine, we have been quite busy these last two months, but we can't imagine being happier or more excited about this venture!

That is all for now. THANK YOU all for your support, we hope to see you out there on a delivery soon!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quick update, and some thank you's!

Sorry we haven't updated much we've been a little busy lately, in the best possible way! Our Facebook page and fan page has really blown up quick thanks to all our friends who have have been supporting us. Apparently a good idea, plus a free social networking site is the best way to start up a business! So we've been busy, because we've been getting orders! After 1 week we have orders in for the next two weeks, and it's for over $150. Can't pay the rent with it yet, but we're working on it!

We have had a lot of cookie breakthroughs lately, and the response from people at our "real" jobs have been really positive, so it's encouraging, plus we have come to learn that we are addicted to our own cookies, and that's always a good sign!

I have to run of to said real job now, but before I do I really want to thank some people who have been helping us out. Our families, of course. They have been supportive since day one, and are probably our number one fans right now.

Our friend Rebecca Teran has been our #1 fan in Portland since the first batch of cookies we made. She's always there to give us an honest opinion, and thankfully, rides to Costco and Ikea for supplies (you can't do everything on bike!)

We have had friends who have donated equipment like a Kitchen Aid Mixer, and professional bake pans. Most of what we use to bake on and with, aside from ingredients, have been donated or given as birthday gifts by friends.

Our friend Dustin Dybevik had been gracious enough to be our graphic designer for not much more than cookies, but we promised to pimp his skills out, and soon you will see his work up on our Facebook, and someday website (check out his work now at

And last we want to thank every friend and family member who has been with us from the start since last February, and all our new friends and family who are learning about this, and supporting us for the first time. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our Facebook fan and friend page, people have been telling everyone they know about us, and it's been working! Thank you all so much for all your help, and remember, get your cookie orders in, cause our schedules filling up fast!